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HVAC Pumps - Plumbing

. Wet rotor circulators for Star / Top-S heating

Stainless steel circulators for domestic hot water Star ZF series

. ECM circulators with integrated variable speed drive Stratos Maxo

. Vertical in-line pump for heating and air conditioning IPL / IL

. End-suction base mounted pumps NL series

. Stainless steel vertical multistage pumps Helix-V series

. Simplex booster with variable speed drive CO-1-Helix-V

. 2, 3 and 4 pump boosters with CO-Helix-V variable speed drives


Leo Brown


Utility Pumps

Leo Brown

. Surface utility pumps

. Jet pumps and convertibles

. Submersible sewage pumps

. Submersible sump pumps

. Residential booster pumps

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The products are available through a network of specialized distributors!

American-Marsh Pumps

Industrial and Municipal pumps

. Vertical in-line pumps REI series

. End-suction base mounted REF series

. End-suction closed coupled pumps REC series

. Split case pumps 340 HD series


Thermostat | Controllers

. Wireless Zig-Bee radiant hydronic thermoatat AWRT10RF

. 8-zone Zig-Bee wireless relay controler AKL08RF

. 1, 4 and 6-zone wireless pump relay controlers AKL01PRF, AKL04PRF and AKL06PRF

. Floor sensor 10kΩ / 13’ cable AFTS40M

. Salus Smart Home Gateway SG888ZB

. Wi-Fi HVAC thermostat ST920WF (3H/2C) and ST921WF (2H/1C)

. Smart plugs / repeaters SX888ZBBB

. Door and window wireless sensors SS912ZBWS

. Water leak detectors SS901ZB and in-line shutoff valve SC904ZB

  • Plate heat exchangers

  • Brazed plate heat exchangers

  • Safety-Pair® Polaris double-wall plate heat exchanger

  • Semi-welded plate heat exchanger

  • Fully welded plate heat exchangers

  • Free-flow heat exchangers


Plate Heat Exchangers

Sje Rhombus

Water level controllers

· Floats for residential and commercial applications

. Level control and alert devices

· Simplex and Duplex control panels for submersible pumps

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